What Does ANZAC Day Mean To You?

ANZAC day means that we remember the soldiers who had lots of courage, bravery and compassion to fight for our country. Gloomy corpses were strewn across the sandy ground at the Gallipoli peninsula. Men and young boys lied about their age just to get to the Great War. Deafening screams rang out as bullets pierced the skin of men. Bullets made full grown men drop dead to the ground. No one wanted to stay at Gallipoli. The ground was dark red with blood. Thousands returned. Thousands lost. But their spirits still thrive at Gallipoli.

‘Lest We Forget’


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  1. Hi Zac,

    Your students blog is coming along very nicely, this post on what Anzac Day Means to you is completed to a very high standard, I especially liked your use of language, it is obvious you have great knowledge and are interested in this topic.

    Keep challenging yourself with your learning, I would like to see you be a little more creative with the artefacts you include in your blog posts, have a look at some of your peers student blogs for ideas.

    Regards Mrs Harris

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