Do you know how AWESOME Kale is ?!?!

My research on Kale shows that it’s low in calories, high in fibre, has zero fat, high in iron and vitamins K, C and A and also quite high in calcium. It belongs to the family Brassica oleracea. The health benefits for me are helps heal my body if I get a cut or a bruise, helps my vision and helps blood clot. An interesting fact about Kale is that a serving of Kale has more Calcium than a small carton of milk. I found the taste very salty and bland just … disgusting . The texture was delicate and crunchy. The odour was plain and savoury. The appearance was leafy, unusual and burnt.

This is a kale plant that is ready to harvest.

This is a baby Kale plant we planted two weeks ago.

This is the Kale after it was baked.

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