Out of my mind

The year 4’s are reading their class novel which is called Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. The novel is about an unfortunate child called Melody. She has been diagnosed with the unfortunate cerebral palsy and stuck in her wheelchair for the Rest of her life.

What Is CP?

For those who don’t know what cerebral palsy is read this paragraph. Cerebral palsy is a condition (not a disease) that you get when you are in the embryo (baby). When you have CP it means you have damaged the outer layer of the brain and it can’t get worse. It becomes more obvious over time and there’s no cure only treatment (don’t worry, its not contagious!)

How Would This Impact On My Life?

Just imagine having CP. You would struggle brushing your teeth, using a knife and Fork at dinner, having a shower and going to the toilet. It turns ordinary day to day jobs problems in your life. What about you see your friends kicking the soccer ball around while your stuck in a wheelchair. And children go around staring and pointing at you like your famous.


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