1. Hi Zac,

    It’s amazing seeing a project that I did. Maybe next time you should have some sort of recommendation about Minecraft.

    From Leon

  2. Dear Zac
    I liked how much efferent and information you had in your text. But I think you should of introduced and explain what minecraft is and what the challenges are. You also could Change the first slide it was to blurry.

  3. Hi Zac,

    I like the way you showed tips for different things but next time you should try make the text clearer.It has lots of information about mine craft and most of the things you will need to know.

    Kind regards Darby

  4. Hi Zac

    I like how you’ve done your project on mine craft. Maybe make the video slower. Especially because it’s blurry.

    From Jamie

  5. Hi Zac
    You got all the basics from mine craft but you should of told the readers the price for minecraft and minecraft story mode
    From BIGGSY

  6. Hi Zac,

    You have a lot of information in your writers notebook but next time make the pictures clearer so it’s easier to read.

    From Kane

  7. Hi Zac,

    Zac your writers notebook is Awesome I liked the sliding pages with lots of information. The only thing that was wrong was some of the pictures they were blurry and I couldn’t read them.

    From Eddy

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