Week 2 reflection (Really? Again?)

This week in inquiry we learnt about the First Fleet and Captain Cook (no, not chef kind of cook!). We discovered that Captain Cook (apart from not being a cook at all)in 1770 discovered the east coast of Australia. He then said to the queen, “This is a great place to get rid of our convicts.” So then in 1788 they sent the First Fleet. We also visualised “Life in London” and you wouldn’t want to live there in the 1700’s. Here is my visualisation:


Just remember Captain Cook was never a chef!!!



  1. Hi Zac,
    I thought it was very creative that you added humor in you learning
    Advice for next time remember to double check your capitals

    From Lachlan

  2. Hi Zac
    Amazing humour I like the way you put a little sentence at the end saying just Rember captain cook is not a cook Isabelle laughed her head of as well.
    The only feedback i have is that can you retake the picture it is a bit blurry

    From Alana

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