Chess… SO HARD!!!!! (Not really)

You may think your parents are old. You may think your grandparents are older. But chess is the oldest. 1500 years old to be exact.
Chess originated in Northern India in the 6th century because of two brothers. Basically, what happened was the two princes fought and one died with no wound. The princes mother was distraught. The brother then invented chess to prove how his brother died of fatigue (extreme tiredness). Originally it was called Chaturanga which translates to “Four teams or divisions”. Those four teams were: Elephantry, Chariotry, Infantry and Cavalry.

Even though chess is complicated and hardcore, I have a few tricks up my sleeves. My most important strategy is build a strong, powerful wall out of all my pieces. My other strategy is take control of the centre squares with Knights.

My learning goal for chess is to think three more spaces ahead. The tactics that I want to learn and use are Zwischenzug and skewering. I will also practise my tactics against a computer opponent on my iPad.


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  1. Interesting research, Zac. I am happy to challenge you to a game or two to allow you to practice your tactics….. mwa ha ha ha!

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