A day I’ll remember…

In our class we have all been working on an oral presentation called “A Day To Remember”. My oral presentation is going to be about Jack Donahue. He is well known for being one of the first bushrangers in Australian history in 1825-1830s. I am feeling very confident with this because I know heaps about Jack Donahue.

A replica of Jack Donahue’s wanted poster.


  1. Hi Zac,
    I really liked your presentation it was really good to watch. Next time I wish you memorised your script a bit more because you were looking over a lot.

  2. Hi Zac,
    It’s good how you used an accent and the slang you used. Maybe don’t look at the I pad a lot.

    From Xavier

  3. Dear Zac,

    I liked your accent and the volume was great. Next time I think you should put your script maybe in front of you instead of turning your head. But other than that your performance.

    From Henry

  4. Dear Zac

    Bada BING A M A Z I N G AMAZING work Zac I loved how you used EXPRESSION finally.
    I also liked how you used a LLLOOOUUUDDDDD VVVOOOCCCIIIIEEEE!!!, as well as slang.
    But you could slow down a bit. It was a bit of a information OVER LOAD.

    From Nathan
    Neyh NEYH NEYH

  5. Hi Zac,
    I liked how you used slang and a nice clear voice next time you should put your script in front of you so you aren’t turning your head the whole time.

    Kind regards Darby

  6. Hi Zac
    You did a great job with your oral presentation and you showed that you knew a great deal about the life of your character. I really liked the way you used changed your accent to make your presentation more authentic. Well done 🙂
    Mrs Boyd

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