Tagging for days… ON THE COMPUTER???!!!???!!!

Today in art we worked on tagging. No we didn’t do it illegally in Melbourne! (What do you think we are? CRIMINALS???!!!) We used a website called Graffiti Creator. PREVIOUS WARNING: this website is only available for devices with the latest version of Abode Flash player. We had to design our very on tag. (DEM SKILLZ ARE MAD BRO!!!). Mine is called MR T.N.T. This is what I would look like if I had an avatar:

This is what my tag looked like in the end:


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  1. Hi Zac
    I love the look of your tag – the colours you’ve selected are amazing. Is it a word or an acronym? Is it GRTRT? Please excuse my inability to read your tag, no offence intended!
    From Mrs Boyd

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