Really, Really, REALLY brief post

First of all, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS POST?!?!? Please excuse me for one moment, I must button mash: hegdjdhdjdydnshsndhxxnhdhdsyeheyejssjsn. Okay, it’s all out of my system. Don’t judge me if this is too brief. Tomorrow I (and the other teams) will be competing at La Trobe university in Bendigo for Tournament of the Minds. In TOM, we have two challenges. 1) To complete our main challenge and 2) complete our spontaneous challenge. Our main challenge for the maths engineering team (my team) was to make a device that measures post that is exactly a golden rectangle. Our spontaneous challenge is…. I seriously do not have any idea what it is going to be. All I know is that we have exactly three minutes to come up with ideas of what a picture could be and then two minutes to explain to the judges what we thought it was. Also good luck to any other teams that are going.

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