Soooooooooo (not) Close

And we made it to fifth last spot on the preferential voting ballot. :^/ Here’s a photo of the results:


I was elected leader for our political party, P.E.P.P (Professional Electives and Pet Party). Of course it wasn’t real, like, seriously, who would want to be part of a political party? Our day started off by setting up our table. The grade fours were the first voters that came in. It was pretty easy at first because the grade fours weren’t asking really deep questions. Then there was the grade fives. They were asking really in depth questions that picked at your brains, ate your brains, and then your brain grew back again on constant repeat. End. Of. Story. On the brighter side, the day was interesting and exciting. If you are doing a project like this and your the leader, pro tip: always make sure your team are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

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