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Tagging for days… ON THE COMPUTER???!!!???!!!

Today in art we worked on tagging. No we didn’t do it illegally in Melbourne! (What do you think we are? CRIMINALS???!!!) We used a website called Graffiti Creator. PREVIOUS WARNING: this website is only available for devices with the latest version of Abode Flash player. We had to design our very on tag. (DEM SKILLZ ARE MAD BRO!!!). Mine is called MR T.N.T. This is what I would look like if I had an avatar:

This is what my tag looked like in the end:


Ermagherd!!! This post is weekly. I. AM. SICK. OF. THIS.

Today in Art we were learning about the difference between Street Art and Vandalism. Street art is legal IF (I said IF) you have a permit.
Shops usually employ street artists to make their shop look interesting. Vandalism is ILLEGAL!!! Vandalism is where instead of being employed or paid, you tag or vandalise someone’s or somethings property. You can get a preeeeetty hefty fine for doing that. If I was a street artist I would look like this:


Here are some examples of street art:




Term 3 week 1 reflection ( OMG! How many..? Forget it)

Today we planned a trip to Bendigo. We thought that this was going to be a VERY easy task. I regretted that as soon as I said it. We had to calculate how long we would be there, how much food would cost, how long the movie went for and on top of that, Mrs. Boyd had to be our WORST NIGHTMARE mother. That was hard. Did I tell you it was hard?
Here is Nathan’s and my presentation.

Ready…Set… OLYMPICS!!!

Today we were learning about the ancient Olympics :] because there was no 5/6 sport :[. I learnt that you had to be male, religious and when you competed, you must be naked. The reason you didn’t wear clothes was to show strength and harmony between the body and mind. Women were only allowed to be spectators (if they were unarmed) even though they still trained for it.


Uh-oh…Three way interview (again)!

Thank goodness it’s over. Finally over. This three way interview was soooo much better the last year. I think it went pretty well, especially with the way that I presented it. Next time I think I should probably practise it a bit more because I kept flicking to the script. I showed: my biography, my mineshaft piece (show, not tell), scatter plot graph, the lattice algorithm and me being a peer mediator.

The lattice method for algorithms.

Chess… SO HARD!!!!! (Not really)

You may think your parents are old. You may think your grandparents are older. But chess is the oldest. 1500 years old to be exact.
Chess originated in Northern India in the 6th century because of two brothers. Basically, what happened was the two princes fought and one died with no wound. The princes mother was distraught. The brother then invented chess to prove how his brother died of fatigue (extreme tiredness). Originally it was called Chaturanga which translates to “Four teams or divisions”. Those four teams were: Elephantry, Chariotry, Infantry and Cavalry.

Even though chess is complicated and hardcore, I have a few tricks up my sleeves. My most important strategy is build a strong, powerful wall out of all my pieces. My other strategy is take control of the centre squares with Knights.

My learning goal for chess is to think three more spaces ahead. The tactics that I want to learn and use are Zwischenzug and skewering. I will also practise my tactics against a computer opponent on my iPad.


Week 2 reflection (Really? Again?)

This week in inquiry we learnt about the First Fleet and Captain Cook (no, not chef kind of cook!). We discovered that Captain Cook (apart from not being a cook at all)in 1770 discovered the east coast of Australia. He then said to the queen, “This is a great place to get rid of our convicts.” So then in 1788 they sent the First Fleet. We also visualised “Life in London” and you wouldn’t want to live there in the 1700’s. Here is my visualisation:


Just remember Captain Cook was never a chef!!!


Fijiriffic letter to (have a guess!)

Today we wrote a letter to Target Sunbury asking for a small donation.The learning that took place was learning how to persuade and write a persuasive letter. The persuasive techniques we used are: expert opinion and statistics, emotive language and hyperbole. Here is our reflection:



This is my group, Darby, Mitchell and myself.