The Return of the STORYBOOK!!!! (Year Six edition!)

From one crazy teacher to the next, huh? Another storybook. What. The. Heck. We’re in grade six for goodness sake!!!!!

Henry and Amy are two best friends that are opposites. Whilst reading the book, we uncovered hidden messages (not dinosaurs) buried deep in the books pages. We then linked them to learning behaviours (Here, this might help to recap!).

A few hidden messages I found were: It’s alright to make mistakes and not everybody’s perfect. This year in year six I know I will be expected to contribute to conversations and listen to instructions.

My learning behaviour goal is that I will accept my mistakes and learn from them.


Fabulous fantastic fotos! (I got that wrong, didn’t I?)

Sorry about the spelling mistake. Can’t change it. Anyway, today we were taking photos using the rule of thirds. (Read the link before going on!) The photos that we had to take were places that we enjoyed playing at in prep and our current favourite area.

Here is my prep playing area:

This follows the rule of thirds because the post lines up to the first third.

This is my grade six photo. I think it looks pretty good!

This follows the rule of thirds because either side of the building is lined up with the grid.

Buddies, poems and dancing… what next?

What! you say? We got buddies? Yes you heard me correct, I said buddies, not studies (I would never do that anyway)! So yes, I have two buddies. All of the grade 5s wrote a picture story book to give to their buddies. Another thing that we did this week was a poetry analysis. We had to find three poems that we liked and thought were deep and meaningful. Here are my three:

And the most exciting thing that we did this week was the school concert. We were dancing to Animals by Martin Garrix. Everyone was clapping and WHOOPING at our dancin’ skillz. I did a solo at the end and others did some tricks.

The Western Wataaaaaaa!!! Ninjas

Yesterday a guest speaker came and spoke to us about sustainable living. My group found out about wind power to generate electricity. An interesting thing another group found out about was the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is 3 times the size of France (The size of Texas!!!!)! One thing I’m going to do differently is to not use plastic bottles anymore. This was who our speaker was. (Or is it? A question for the ages!)


Cat… cart… Coart… forget it! I can’t read it!

Cartesian plane. There we go! I said it. Woohoo!!!! *runs around celebrating* Yes, so we learnt about Cartesian planes. It is basically a + sign except bigger. It also has positive and negative numbers to locate places on the plane. If I didn’t explain it good enough try here for a better definition. For the Einsteins out there, here’s a question, what are the coordinates of this dot?
For the people that play Minecraft :


A very educational image


Don’t call me pi face!!!!

Yes, that’s right! I said it. Pi -face! *snigger snigger*. ( NOT pie) Yes, I also know the first 4 digits of Pi. 3.1415. Skills. If you want to know the first million digits click here (I’m not that smart). For our literacy, we’ve learnt about theme. Theme is basically the message or moral of the story. It’s always a sentence, NOT a word. In inquiry, we’ve started what we are worried about in the world and human effects on the environment.

Pi not pie

Science Expo…. KA-BLOOEY

On Wednesday the 7th of September, the grade 5’s presented to parents and peers what they have been investigating for the term. I think I went very well because I explained everything clearly and my models were good for demonstrations. Afterwards I felt soooo exhausted and mentally drained, I had a nap on the couch when I got home. I think I managed my time very well and practised a lot . At the start my confidence was *__* Halfway through: =D By the end: -___- zzzzzzzzzzzzz…. I definitely think I worked hard on my presentation.


Really, Really, REALLY brief post

First of all, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS POST?!?!? Please excuse me for one moment, I must button mash: hegdjdhdjdydnshsndhxxnhdhdsyeheyejssjsn. Okay, it’s all out of my system. Don’t judge me if this is too brief. Tomorrow I (and the other teams) will be competing at La Trobe university in Bendigo for Tournament of the Minds. In TOM, we have two challenges. 1) To complete our main challenge and 2) complete our spontaneous challenge. Our main challenge for the maths engineering team (my team) was to make a device that measures post that is exactly a golden rectangle. Our spontaneous challenge is…. I seriously do not have any idea what it is going to be. All I know is that we have exactly three minutes to come up with ideas of what a picture could be and then two minutes to explain to the judges what we thought it was. Also good luck to any other teams that are going.


This term we have been learning about… You guessed it! SCIENCE!!!! The project that I’m working on is pneumatics. (STOP THINKING IM A LUNATIC. I didn’t make that word up. Seriously.) If your wondering what pneumatics are, here are a few quick facts:

It is pressurised air

Comes from Greek word πνευματικός (pneumatikos: air)

Pneumatic cylinders use the power of compressed gas to produce a force. 

If force increases-pressure increases

If area increases-pressure decreases

Pneumatic systems are more powerful than normal motors with the same weight

Pneumatics are an important safety system on airplanes since they assist in keeping vital gauges stabilized during the unfortunate event of electrical failure, hence making sure the pilot will still have access to very important statistics and figures.

Here is a very scientific photo for your enjoyment.