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Star Lab or Screaming fiesta?

Did you know that the Sun isn’t the biggest star? UY Scuti is the biggest known star in the whole UNIVERSE!!!

Today Star Lab visited our school (And no they don’t make stars! Its a planetarium.) to talk and share about the stars. Our speaker was called Nick. As soon as we walked in the girls were ϩͼrϵαϻῖͷϭ because there was a projected polar bear that looked
3-ᖙ. It felt like he was going to squish and bite us with his G I N O R M O U S paw. Yep, you heard right…3D!!!

We learnt about the rotation of the earth, the north and south pole, sun rise and sun set even the position of the sun!!! (I know right!!!) and the moon phases (it takes 29 days for the full moon cycle). My favorite bit of info was that the sun isn’t the biggest star!

Here is an image of UY Scuti